Bathrooms in Cheshire

Bathroom Suppliers, Northwich, Cheshire

Neptune Supplies believe in a simple five stage philosophy when starting a bathroom project.

  1. Planning
  2. Design
  3. Set budgets
  4. Product purchase
  5. Installation

This is the foundation on which we have built our business in Northwich, making us one of the most successful bathroom installation companies in Cheshire, installing over 1200+ fitted bathrooms since our inception in 2000.

Bathroom Planning

With in depth knowledge of water and heating systems, including waste and feed pipe works, Neptune Bathrooms in Northwich will plan the bathroom to meet both practical and aesthetic requirements.

Unlike most retail outlets, Neptune Bathrooms will advise you on the suitability of products for your installation.

We will advise you on the product that suits each system alleviating the problem of product malfunction or poor performance.

Bathroom and Interior Design

With the latest bathroom design package, Neptune Bathrooms can check the exact measurements of products against the room size giving the customer a realistic idea of what works, and what doesn’t.

Good design should always complement the practical side of a bathroom.

Neptune Bathrooms understand each concept and endeavour to achieve a usable yet beautiful bathroom design that meets the customer’s design brief.

Bathroom Design in Northwich, Cheshire

Bathroom Budget

Neptune Bathrooms have identified that, at design brief stage, realistic budgets MUST be discussed.

To optimise the choice of product specification and design, a set target budget enables both the customer and Neptune Bathrooms to reach their aims together.

With in depth knowledge of products and market trends Neptune Bathrooms will advise on where your budget is best spent.

Bathroom Purchase

With planning, design and budgets agreed, Neptune Bathrooms believe that the purchase and storage of product is essential prior to any bathroom installation taking place.

Most European products have different installation techniques, making it paramount to understand the technical differences before any attempt is made to install them. This is where Neptune Bathrooms’ wealth of knowledge and experience comes into play.

Planned adjustments to installation practices can be applied to each individual bathroom project subject to the actual product specification. How can you install a product correctly if you do not understand it first?

Bathroom Installation

Once your plan and design has been agreed, you can have complete confidence that your products will fit and budget met.

With 1200+ bathroom installations completed in Cheshire and beyond since 2000, and a tried and tested philosophy, Neptune Bathrooms pride themselves on the fact that what they promised at the start of the project they fulfil in the final stage.


For peace of mind, all installation processes have the Neptune Supplies one year guarantee.

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